From the General Manager, August 20, 2021

Kari Bradley general manager

Greetings from the Co-op,

Thank you so much to everyone for your cooperation with the Co-op’s renewed masking requirement over the past couple of weeks. It is so gratifying to serve and work with such a caring and thoughtful community. I remain confident that together we will be able to navigate each of the challenges that come our way.

One acute challenge that we are facing currently is a shortage of workers. You may have seen messages from our friends at Red Hen, Capitol Grounds, Skinny Pancake, and others that it has become extremely difficult to hire new employees in this labor market, especially for those of us in the service industry. Our co-op is not immune, and particularly in our Prepared Foods department, we find ourselves severely short-handed.

I want to recognize and appreciate all Co-op employees for their extraordinary contributions over the past 18 months. Most have worked tirelessly under difficult circumstances at risk to themselves and their families. But none of us are superhuman, and it is necessary to recognize our limits. The current shortages are forcing us to adjust our operations in order to make the work sustainable for our team.

Beginning Saturday, August 21, we will make the following temporary changes:

  • Our service counter (where you get sandwiches, sliced meats and cheeses, and specialty coffee drinks made to order) will be only open 10 am-4 pm every day.
  • Our food bar will be open 8 am-6 pm on weekdays and 8 am-4 pm on the weekend.
  • We will not be able to accept catering and phone orders.
  • We will continue to offer options in our grab-and-go cooler and drip coffee all day.

These changes will allow us to prioritize and serve as many customers as possible the best we can. They are based on shopping data that shows where we can have the most beneficial impact. We will continue our efforts to recruit and hire new employees. You can help by letting friends and family know about employment opportunities posted on our employment page. It’s impossible to say how the labor market will evolve over the coming months, but we look forward to eventually restoring our service levels to best meet your needs.

Thanks again for your support,

Kari Bradley, General Manager