Special Order Program Update

Last November, in response to supply chain issues, we made temporary adjustments to our Special Order program with the goal of maintaining the best possible shopping experience and keeping our shelves as stocked as possible. We had planned to relaunch the program in January.

Unfortunately, our co-op is now experiencing new disruptions in the supply chain connected to labor shortages at our main distributor due to the latest COVID-19 surge. Because of that, we can only fulfill special orders within our Beer & Wine and Meat & Fish departments at this time.

When special ordering cases of wine, beer, hard cider, or hard kombucha, you will save 10% or receive the current sale price, whichever price is lower. To place your order, visit our customer service desk or email our Beer & Wine buyer Nessa or call (802) 262-3235.

For special meat or fish orders, email our Meat & Fish buyer Nick or call (802) 262-3230.

We will not resume special orders (other than for meat and alcohol) until early March. Email us or call (802) 223-8000 with questions.

Thank you for supporting our co-op community.