Workshop: Carbon Inventory & Climate Action

Earth in shape of heart

Since Catherine Lowther joined the Goddard College faculty in 1997, she’s created the college’s BA in Sustainability Program and the Climate Literacy Course, chaired the Sustainability Committee, and completed a carbon inventory for the college which helped them reach carbon neutrality in 2018. Catherine is also a member of our Co-op Council.

On Wednesday, Jan. 19 and Wednesday, Jan. 26, from 6–7 pm, Catherine will host a two-part online workshop about measuring and reducing the amount of CO2 emissions you and your family produce in a year.

In the first session, Catherine will present information about measuring the emissions created by burning fossil fuels, the electricity we use in our homes, and the emissions created by activities like dietary choices and flying. Participants will then use this information to do a carbon inventory.

In the second session, participants will share inventory results and create plans to reduce emissions.

Upon registering, you will receive information about how to do your carbon inventory. Please register by Tuesday, Jan. 18.