Natural Protection from the Sun

As the warmer weather arrives, many of us begin to spend a lot more time outdoors. As we shed our layers for the feel of warm sun on our skin, it’s time to think about protecting ourselves from damaging UV rays. The Co-op provides a wide selection of natural and mineral-based skin protection products.  

We use the Environmental Working Group’s standards to help guide which sunscreens we carry. 

Badger‘s sunscreens are natural and mineral-based. The advantage of mineral sunscreens is that they provide a physical block to UV rays. Additionally, they offer broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays using the mineral Zinc Oxide. Their sunscreens test very well on the Environmental Working Group site, and many contain only 4 or 5 ingredients. 

This year, Badger has updated their formulas and we carry their entire line. 

The four new creams include: 

SPF 40 Clear Baby – offers gentle, pediatrician tested sunscreen for babies and toddlers. $15.99, on sale for $13.99. 

SPF 40 Kids Clear Zinc – suitable for sensitive skin. $14.99, on sale for $12.99. 

SPF 40 Sport Clear Unscented – perfect for long days outside. It is the first sunscreen formula to obtain the stringent reef friendly Protect Land +Sea Certification. $15.99, on sale for $13.99. 

SPF 30 Active Mineral – supports staying protected while active. Contains only 5 ingredients. $14.99, on sale for $12.99. 

New Sticks: 

Face Stick sunscreens (35 SPF) and Lip Balm (15 SPF) are popular choices that provide pocket sized protection and are perfect for traveling light. The Active and Kids Mineral Sunscreen sticks retail for $9.49 and are on sale for $7.99. The Clear Zinc Lip Balm sells for $3.29 and is on sale for $2.79. 

Badger offers 2 plastic-free options, packaged in tins:  

SPF 40 Sport Mineral Tin. 4 simple ingredients. $12.99, on sale for $11.99 

SPF 50 Adventure Sport Mineral Tin. This contains the highest amount of zinc oxide allowed by the FDA to provide protection on any outing.  

Alba Botanicals offers some very popular quick drying sprays. 

SPF 50 Kids spray offers broad spectrum protection, is water resistant (up to 80 minutes), and is hypo allergenic.   

SPF Coconut spray is air powered and can be applied at any angle. Certified Gluten-Free and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation

Both retail for $17.99 and are currently on sale for $10.99. 

It’s also essential to protect yourself from bugs and ticks when spending time outdoors. Check out some tips for how to do that, plus some of our bug and tick repellents, here

*All prices subject to change.