Eco Container Program

Eco Container Program

 How does the Eco Container program work?

  1. To start, visit the Co-op’s deli counter to pick up your Eco Container.
  2. Fill your sanitized container with items form the Deli’s hot and cold food bar.

Note: Eco Containers cannot be used for soup or bulk deli items including olives, pickles, eggrolls, samosas, kimchi or sauerkraut.

  1. Take your filled Eco Container to any register to checkout. You will be charged a one-time fee of $7, the Co-ops cost for an Eco Container.
  2. On your next visit, exchange your Eco Container at the deli counter for a container that has been sanitized in the Co-op’s kitchen.

Note: Per Vermont’s health code, Eco Containers must be exchanged for a newly sanitized container after each use and prior to each trip to the food bar.

Can I skip the container exchange and use the container from my last visit if it’s clean?

Food safety regulations require that we do the final cleaning and sanitization at the Co-op. Complying with the Vermont health code is important for the Co-op to be able to continue offering the Eco Container program.

What if I want to return my container but no take a new container at that time?

You can exchange your Eco Container at the deli counter for an Eco Container Exchange card. On your next visit, exchange that card at the deli counter for a sanitized Eco Container.

What happens if I lose my Eco Container?

If you lose your container, and wish to stay in the program, you will need to pay the $7 fee again. You will also be responsible for purchasing a new Eco Container if the container you are exchanging is damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

What are Eco Containers made out of?

Eco Containers are made from polypropylene HOMO COPOLYMER (PPY) and are BPA-free. Eco Containers are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Note: While Eco Containers are microwave safe, the Co-op does not recommend using Eco Containers to reheat food.