Customer Question: I always come to the coop in the late afternoon and there are no fig bars left.  Is there anyway you could fix this?

Co-op Answer: I will see what we can do! We usually have plenty on hand so it may be that they have sold so quickly we just cant keep up with the.  I will pass the word to keep a closer eye on them--they are very popular.  Thanks!  -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: Please be aware that all of the coconut milk products are at the expense of vast rainforests in S.E. Asia--not to mention loss of habitat for orangutans.  Huge deforestation --> plantation.

A: We do carry a number of coconut products and we try to choose companies that are transparent about their business practice and are very committed to creating products with little environmental impact.  I have started researching the brands we have carried for years and so far no red flags for environmental destruction.  Thank you for your passion for our environment! -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: Bring in frozen baby limas and/or favas.

A: Thank you for your suggestion.  Currently our distributers don't carry that product.  In the future, if we are able to get the product, we will consider it.  -Leo, Grocery Manager


Q: Try to get Craetors Ice Cream flavor Buckeye Blits.

A: Thank you for your suggestion.  Currently, out distributor does not offer that product in this area, once they do we will consider it.  -Leo, Grocery Manager


Q: Could you please bring back Cole's mustard.

A: I am unfamiliar with this brand of mustard.  If you would like to contact me to discuss this further, I would be happy to look into it. -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: Can you get pumpernickel flour? Or really good pumpernickel bread? Thanks.

A: Thank you for your suggestion.  We currently carry all the pumpernickel bread we can get.  We will also look into getting flour. -Leo, Grocery Manager


Q: Kombucha fountain handles are too wide.  They get caught on each other.  This can cause spills, overflows, and customer panic.  I don't like to panic. Please fix.

A: Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We will get it fixed. -Leo, Grocery Manager


Q: Lemon-Cayenne Kevita? Yum!

A:  Thank you for your feedback.  We have discontinued that product to make room for another product, however, it is still available by special order. -Leo, Grocery Manager

Q: Please bring back frozen, fried mozzarella sticks. 

A: Thank you for the suggestion.  We will bring them back.  -Leo, Grocery Manager



A: Thank you for your suggestion.  We have considered this product and may consider it again.   This product is also available for special order.  -Leo, Grocery Manager




Q: 1000 Stone Farm carrots, please.

A: 1000 Stone Farm does not sell much wholesale and the wholesale price is quite high, so we would not bring them in.  We also are already under contract with other farms.  That said, Uncommon Market on Elm Street does have them at least some of the time.  Thanks! -Robert, Produce Manager


Food Services


Q: There are two non-alcoholic wines that I would buy if you carried them.  Fre and Ariel.

A: Can special order the "Fre" brand.  Not sure if the new buyer will bring in to keep on the shelf.  -Bibi, Wine/Cheese Buyer


Q: Ginger Miso Dressing on the salad bar.  Why take the most popular dressing away?

A: We needed to make room for other offerings and that was the least popular (though I understand not for some).  Given the requests for this I have reworked the recipe for our new Miso-Tahini dressing to have a very similar flavor profile, though without the added sugars (honey).  Let me know what you think! -Doug, Food Services Manager


Q: Months ago I had a hot meatloaf sandwich with gravy.  Best sandwich I've had here.  Would like to see it on the menu or as a special again.  Thanks.

A: Thanks so much! We definitely will and do offer that on a regular basis.  Glad you enjoyed it.  -Doug, Food Services Manager


Q: Have a vegan creamer option at coffee bar!

A: We have many choices but don't leave them out as they would spoil.  Please ask at the counter for an option.  We have hemp milk, almond milk, soy milk, and coconut milk for you to enjoy! -Doug, Food Services Manager


Q: Take out containers and coffee cups that can be composted!

A: Currently these are compostable offerings, though our local processing plant doesn't have the equipment to process it.  We are looking into other options and talking with the town about how to resolve this. Thanks.  -Doug, Food Services Manager


Q: Wondering why the salad dressings on the salad bar have been limited to four choices.  Bring back the Ginger Miso, please!

A: We were making room to offer some other items and removed the one that got used the least.  I understand that even so it is someone's favorite.  I have reworked our new Miso-Tahini dressing to have a flavor profile much like the Ginger Miso.  It is also soy free.  Please try it now and tell me what you think.  -Doug, Food Services Manager




Q: Put discount coupon announcements on eye level on the store.  Not too many people know when they have $5 discount when they spend $25.

A: The particular discount you reference is the e-coupon, and one has to sign up for it and it is emailed to those who have signed up for it.  Contact me if you have questions. or 223-8000 ext. 205. -Kevin, Operations Manager


Q: Would you consider opening a satellite store in Waitsfield at the former Sweet Pea location? Sweet Pea was a natural foods store that recently closed. 

A: I appreciate the request but we are not in expansion mode right now. Our current strategic plan has us focused on strengthening our operations and financial position, enhancing our employees' well being and encouraging member participation.  A specific carport in the customer lot is coming this January! -Kari, General Manager


Q: I just saw a disturbing movie - Blue Gold.  Would the coop consider please not sell plastic bottled water? 

Q: Please stop selling bottled water!

Q: Bottled H2O-multinational corporation aquifer.  On Monday I viewed the movie Blue Gold and was inspired by a 8 or 9 yo boy who asked for his local supermarket not to carry bottled water because of the impact on aquifers.  I would ask HMC to not carry bottled H2O.  Sell H20 bottles...only. 

Q: After learning about the exploitation of people and water resources, I feel it is time to discontinue selling bottled water. 

Q: Please stop selling bottled water.  Plastic is bad for the earth. 

A: Thank you for your comments requesting boycott of bottled water products at the co-op/  This is something we have considered before due to significant environmental, health and socio-economic impacts associated with bottled water.  We generally do not boycott products, especially entire categories, but prefer to provide alternatives and share information so customers can make their own informed choices.  For example, the co-op provides bottled water free of charge, a benefit many of our customers value.  We also sell home filters at close to cost and recently allocated additional space in the bottled water section for filters. 

One of the challenges of boycotts is the slippery slope of decision making.  If we discontinue bottled water, should we then extend to seltzer, all soft drinks, any product with plastic packaging or any product that relies on water from aquifers? Of course there are times when folks believe they need bottled water (e.g. power outages or while traveling) and so I am reluctant to eliminate a customer's choice.. 

I would be happy to discuss ways to promote awareness about bottled water and healthy, sustainable alternatives.  In the past, we have used the Full Scoop newsletter and our workshop program to get the word out. -Kari, General Manager


Q: Where can I buy raw goat milk?

A: Locally, Green Mountain Girls Farm in Northfield, VT has raw goat milk for sale.  You can get in touch with them at  For more raw milk sources, visit  Due to restrictive legislation, raw milk is not available for retail sale. is another great resource to learn more about raw milk laws and availability.  -Emma, Customer Service Coordinator