Customer Question: Why no chives in bulk? The jar has been empty for 3-4 months. 

Co-op Answer: I apologize for the absence of the chives.  Various ordering issues have meant that particular product has been out much longer than it should have been.  We expect the chives, and a lot of other out of stock herbs and spices, to arrive around January 31st.  Sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for your patience.  -Michael, Bulk Buyer

Q: Could we please have the wax paper bags back in the spice area? Hate using the plastic and I try to reuse them but they don't hold up...two just leaked spices out in the check out.

A: The wax paper bags are now back. -Michael, Bulk Buyer 


Q: I wish the coop would stock Numi tea.  It seems silly to stock Celestial Seasonings - 1. They are a huge company, 2. they cost the same as other tea, and 3. they are available at every grocery store.

A: Thank you for the suggestion.  I actually have been planning on bringing it in and hope to see it sometime in February! Thank you for supporting the coop! -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: My vote would be to continue carrying the white corn grits.  They disappeared without notice.  If they sell slow, sample them with a recipe. 

A: I apologize for the inconvenience.  The sales on this product were extremely slow, we made the decision to discontinue them because we were losing money when the product would go out of date before we could sell it.  I will look into bringing it in with demo support but I can't guarantee the same thing won't happen again.  If you would like to discuss further, please contact me, Thank you for supporting the co-op! -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: I love rose lemonade.  Thank you for carrying it, but it has corn syrup so that's not exactly natural, is it?

A: Glad you have a product you love! Corn syrup is considered natural if it does not contain any additives, there are many natural companies that use corn syrup (not to be confused with high fructose corn syrup which is often processed with chemicals and contains additional additives).  If you would like to discuss this further please contact me 262-3253, I would love to talk to you about it.  -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: Could you carry Field Day cooking oils, i.e. canola?

A: Thank you for your suggestion.  Currently, Field Day oils are only available in a plastic bottle, and we have had feedback about carrying oils in plastic bottles.  I will consider it when we reset the category in coming months, but I am hoping to find a cheaper option in a glass bottle.  If you have more questions, I would be happy to discuss further, 262-3253.  Thank you.  -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: Please carry: Andean Dream quinoa pasta.  It is the best!

A: Thank you for the suggestion! I am looking for new items for the gluten free pasta shelf.  I will see if it is available from our distributor...stay tuned! -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: I may have missed the answer to this question, but what happened to the Jubilee drinks?

A: Jubali is no longer making the items we carried.  We are looking into some other items they carry, but haven't found anything comparable.  Sorry for the inconvenience! -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: Please bring back Divine Thin Mints.

A: Divine Thin Mints are only available during the holidays.  We should see them again next year.  Sorry for the inconvenience! -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: Could you please stock the unsweetened sun nut butter as well as the sweetened? Thank you.

A: Thank you for your comment! The unsweetened is not available from our distributor.  We do carry the organic version which only contains 1 gram of sugar per serving.  Sorry for the inconvenience. -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: It's after the holidays, where is the special spice?

A: It is here.  Look for it in the baking aisle.  Thank you.  -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: Traditional Medicinals teas: Easy Now and Nettle

A: Thank you for your comment.  I will add East Now to the list of teas requested and hope to bring in a few new items soon.  The nettles has been out of stock but we hope to see it again soon! Thank you! -Mary, Grocery Buyer

Q: Organic lemon Recharge, please.

A: Thank you for the suggestion.  I'm hoping to reset this category soon and this would be a great addition.  Look for it in the coming months. -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: Hello! First, I want to say thank you! I was hoping to recommend these products: 1. Alternative Baking Company Cookies (the Liz Lovely are wonderful just very expensive and the ABC vegan cookies are amazing!) 2. Stonyfield Farms vegan soy yogurts.  Thank you!

A: Thank you! I sent the ABC company a request for wholesale information.  I will look into the Stonyfield yogurt, we are currently looking for new items in that category...stay tuned! -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: Will you be getting more Le Parfait jars?

A: I hope to have them in by March.  We need to find a new hope for them which will need some time to adjust shelving and products to make room for them. Sorry for the inconvenience! -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: Lundberg honey-nut rice cakes please? Yum!

A: I will look into and see if they are available for our next reset for that section.  Thank you for the suggestion, they do sound yummy! -Mary, Grocery Buyer


Q: Why did you stop selling wax bags?

A: Our distributor and the vendor have been out of stock.  Apparently, Natural Value no longer has a source for the bags and the wax paper.  We are looking for alternatives.  Sorry for the inconvenience! -Mary, Grocery Buyer



Q: I am so glad you stopped selling walnut-sized broccoli with baseball bat stems attached, and began selling broccoli crowns.  Now I can afford to eat broccoli again.  Thank you!

A: This time of year we often switch back and forth based on the quality and the price.  Crowns are not always available and often more expensive.  Glad you appreciated them! -Robert, Produce Manager



Q: Why are the shelves so empty? Out of half the things on my shopping list--frozen spinach, Fage yogurt, Field Day beans, sale wines...very disappointing!

A: Really no excuse, we made some mistakes ordering for this holiday weekend.  Please accept our apologies.  -Kevin, Operations Manager


Q: Please make the recycling sign in the deli clearer! Put it on the counter and make it visible.  Thanks!

A: The Co-op Green Team is working on developing new signs for the deli. Thanks for the input.  -Mike, MOD

Q: Love the Rounding Up! Maybe a button on the cashier may remind us to donate!

A: Thanks for feedback.  We raised over $500 together in December for the Holiday Grocery Pack through this new program.  We are looking at a few different enhancements to make it easier to Give Change.  -Kari, General Manager


Q: I just saw a disturbing movie "Tapped" about water in plastic bottles.  Please sell water in glass bottles not dangerous plastic bottles.

A: We have sparkling water in glass but we are not aware of a regular water in glass product.  Likely it's too heavy and drives the price too high.  We are researching additional refillable glass bottle options to sell.  -Kari, General Manager


Q: Re: Bottled water.  Coop should sell it and give customers a choice to buy or not.  If people don't buy it, eventually they will not sell it.  If they buy it, it helps the coop.  There are times when people need to buy a bottle of water, somewhere, why not here? Give people a choice.

A: That has generally been our approach.  We continue to offer free filtered water and are researching larger refillable jugs to folks who might want them.  Stay tuned! -Kari, General Manager



A: Thank you :) -Kari, General Manager


Q: Please stop selling bottled water. 

A: Thank you.  I have responded to several requests recently so I won't go through all my points here.  The bottom line is we prefer to provide information and options so customers can make their own informed decisions rather than eliminate a category some folks want. -Kari, General Manager


Q: Please, don't take out empty shopping carts that do not have obvious owners.  I try to put my cart out of the way and then go to get stuff to put into it.  Someone took my cart that had a bunch of stuff In it and emptied it. 

A: Sorry about that.  I will remind the appropriate staff to take the right amount of time locating the customer before putting items away.  The last thing we want is to stop you from shopping! -Kari, General Manager