Customer Question: Would love to see Newman’s Own organic black tea offered at the store (100 bags if possible.)
Co-op Answer: Thank you for your input.  We currently carry Choice organic black tea and don’t have plans to bring in the Newman’s Own brand.  However, we would be happy to special order this product for you anytime. –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: I am seriously opposed to Field Day brand.  Why do we carry it?

A: Thank you for your input.  The Field Day brand allows us to offer pantry staples at a much more competitive price than other brands, while still being an organic brand.  It also gives our shoppers a more affordable option if they are on a budget, making our store more accessible to all Vermont shoppers. –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: It would be so nice if Apis Kombucha would refund bottles! They are beautiful and sad to recycle. 

A: Thank you for your input! We will be in contact with Apis about this request.  If you would like to contact them directly, you may email them from their website – –Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Equal Exchange Milk Chocolate Bars please – so yummy and there are so many dark choices already!

A: Thank you for your input! I will check and see what the shelf space is like and bring in the milk chocolate bars if possible.  –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Can we get a cheaper vanilla option (non-Madagascar maybe)? Thank you!

A: Thank you for your input! Many of the vanilla farms outside Madagascar are too small to be able to sell their vanilla at a reasonable price.  The bulk vanilla we sell in the baking aisle is a lower price per ounce than the Simply Organic brand.  –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Can you get Coconut Bliss popsicles in strawberry, coconut, and café latte in addition to chocolate that you already have?

A: Thank you for your input! We will definitely consider this product next spring when we look at resetting our frozen section. –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Please stock Strafford Creamery maple ice cream.  It’s the only ice cream I can find without cane sugar.  Thanks!

A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, Strafford Creamery chooses which flavors to deliver and does not always bring maple.  We will suggest to them again that we would like more maple.  –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Alden’s Ice Cream changed their container.  The plastic strip around the top cannot be recycled. They lost a customer.

A: Thank you for your input!  If you are referring to the plastic strip that protects against tampering, I have checked with Alden’s, and it is recyclable.  Yay! Hopefully you will reconsider staying a customer of theirs! –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Lilly’s plain dark chocolate, please.

A: Thank you for your input! We will put this product on our next order.  You should expect to see it on the shelf as soon as there is room. –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Cedar’s Hummus – you are out of stock around 50% of the time (really!) of their original and always have lots and lots of their flavored varieties, which must not sell as well.  Can’t someone keep track of this when ordering or stocking?
A: Thank you for your input! I have made our grocery team aware of the issue.  It could be that the original flavor is out of stock with the distributor, but I will look into it. –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Please start carrying the decaf Mt. Hagen instant coffee.

A: Thank you for your input! We will bring this product in on our next order. –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Could you please carry Sunspire grain sweetened chocolate chips again?

A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, this product is no longer being carried by our distributor.  We will let them know we are receiving requests for it to come back.  –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: I recommend the Kevita kombucha, grapefruit is yummy!

A: Thank you for your input! We carry a few of the Kevita probiotic drinks right now, but none of the Kombuchas so that we can leave room for all the amazing local Kombuchas.  If we continue to receive requests for this product, we will reconsider. –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: What happened to the Woodstock frozen edamame? It’s a better choice than the Cascadian edamame. 

A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, the Woodstock frozen edamame was out of stock with our distributor for almost two months, so we had to replace it.  Both products are organic and delicious! If we get enough requests we may switch back.  You may also special order the Woodstock. –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Organic Valley soy milk is gone? The other stuff isn’t as good!

A: Thank you for your input! This product had to be discontinued due to very slow sales.  We would be happy to special order it for you.  There are also unsweetened soy beverages in the grocery department. –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Can you get Purity orange juices? Pinky’s carries them but they’re the only ones in town who have it.  My fave is the Orange, Carrot, Tumeric, Mango.
A: Thank you for your input! I currently cannot find this product in any of our distributors’ catalogs but I will continue to look to see if it is possible to bring in.  –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Please get light agave syrup. Comes in light and dark are the best especially light, dark, and blue light and dark are the best, especially light! We make lavender lemonade with it.

A: Thank you for your input! The brand of agave syrup we currently carry only produces the blue style syrup.  We will consider bringing in another brand in light and dark.  Until we do, you are welcome to special order this product.  –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: You got rid of my favorite mayonnaise, substitute mayonnaise, I think (no eggs).  Also, you got rid of curried braised gluten.  Now you only have non curry.

A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, I am not sure what brand of eggless mayo we discontinued, but we do carry Veganaise in our refrigerated section, which is delicious and egg-free.  As for the braised Companion Seitan with curry, we would be happy to bring that back in. –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Please continue to carry Food for Life GF/yeast free bread! Thanks!

A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, this product had to be discontinued due to slow sales.  If we continue to receive requests for it, I will consider bringing it back.  Until then, we are happy to special order this product for you.  –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Wildwood Organic high protein tofu.

A: Thank you for your input! We carry several Wildwood tofus already and would be happy to consider this item, which I believe is the 20 oz cryovaced package? I will discuss making room for it in the refrigerated cooler.   –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: I think it should be made clear whether or not Misty Knoll chicken is fed GMO grains or not.  Thank you!

A: Yes, corn comprises 20% of their brands diet.  It is conventional corn and so is almost assuredly GMO corn, alas. –Nick, Meat Buyer


Q: Please get VT Salumi’s Prosciutto Cotto.  So good! I had it at Red Hen…the best and local.

A: I don’t think Pete (Mr. Salumi) is doing retail packaging for that product right now.  I know the deli has brought it in for a try, so I’ll just pass on your request to them. Thanks. –Nick, Meat Buyer


Q: What happened to Le Parfait glass jars?

A: Thank you for your input! These were ordered last week and will be back in stock in the next week or so.   –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: I recently fell in love with these products.  Can we bring them in? Pressery coconut drinking vinegar, Birch Benders pancake mix, Hail Merry caramel sea salt bites, and Kuzala coconut macaroon. 

A: Thank you for your input.  As for the products you have mentioned: We actually have just brought in another sipping vinegar but will consider this one as well, although it is not available to our distributors yet.  I will look into finding space for the Birch Benders pancake mixes.  Space is limed in our cooler, but maybe we can switch out one of our slower selling Hail Merry to bring in the bites.  None of our distributors currently carry the Kuzala, but I will keep looking for them. –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Bring back Switchel in quarts!

A: Thank you for your input.  We did not feel like the quart size Switchel justified the space in refrigerated, but we will consider bringing it back to the grocery shelves.  –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Please consider carrying River Garden Smokey Tomato Salad Dressing – super delicious!

A: Thank you for your input! I have reached out to this business and we will definitely bring them in if it is possible.  –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Please get Erewhon unsweetened rice cereal. 

A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, none of the Erewhon brand is completely unsweetened.  The brown rice flavor is lightly sweetened--if that is ok with you, we will happily special order this cereal by the case.  –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Can we carry/stock again – Alverado Bakery sourdough bread (frozen)?

A: Thank you for your input! We are currently working on resetting this category of items and will look into bringing this in.  We should know by the end of September. –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q:  Please carry Schar GF bread. 

A: Thank you for your input.  We will consider bringing this in after I discuss it with our frozen buyer – if there is room we will bring in some of this line. –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Please find a way to keep Vermont Raw Tahini jars in stock – more often than not the shelf space is empty.
A: Thank you for your input.  Unfortunately, our distributor is currently experiencing out of stocks with this item.  We have contacted them and hope to have a solution to this problem in the next week or so.  –Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Wondering if you guys will continue to carry Vermont Hummus Co.’s Moroccan Hummus or Sweet Potato again.

A: Thank you for your input.  We are currently planning a reset of this cooler which should free up some space for product.  It looks as if the Sweet Potato has been discontinued by the producer, but if not, we will try to find a spot for it.  –Olivia, Grocery Buyer



Q: Borron Bite gel – great product, first aid, pain and itch from bug bites and stings.  I’m prone to mosquito bites, takes the sting away within minutes.

A: Thank you for your suggestion.  That product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  Please feel free to look at our selection of bug bite supports.  –Laura, Wellness Manager


Food Services

Q: Hello! Mykonos vegan cheese makes a mozzarella that makes a dreamy pizza.  I know you carry their stuff.  It would be a great addition.

A: I think you mean “Miyokos”.  If this is the brand you want, I can get some soon.  Thanks! –Bibi, Cheese Buyer


Q: I’d like to echo the person who asked for smaller or half sandwiches.  I don’t buy sandwiches here because they are double sized, super-sized.  Could you say why you don’t do this?
A: No reason- there has been a recent spike in requests for this, so why not? We are going to work on some internal processes to offer this now and will clearly offer it in our upcoming new menu.  –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: It is truly deplorable how much you use clamshells here.  For a place that claims to be sustainable and care for the earth, it is so deflating to see so much single use plastic for tiny things on up.  Really, a brownie needs a clamshell?

A: We were using film wrap, but that is simply trash when it is done.  The clam shells are at least recyclable.  I would welcome any alternate suggestions that would not only optically appear better, but actually be better. –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: On a hot summer/Aug. night – chili on the food bar? How about cool, refreshing, seasonal options –there’s so much great local stuff out there to work with!

A: Thanks for the suggestion.  Anything in particular you would like to see? Come see me, I welcome any ideas.  –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: I really miss the Muffaletta that the deli used to make.  Could you make it again? The one in the jar is not to my tastes.  Yours was extraordinary.

A: I believe this recipe still exists and we can make you some via special order for certain! –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: I’ve been missing the seaweed salad for several weeks, is it coming back?

A: We got a lot of complaints about it as it wasn’t what people expected so I do not anticipating it returning. –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: Would y’all consider adding a non-avocado sushi option? Thanks.

A: At this time, I don’t anticipate adding a fourth flavor but if/when we do it will be avocado free. –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Bowls at the food bar, please!

A: We’re on it and exploring a bowl/plate hybrid.  –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: Trying once again to get a response regarding half sandwiches and why they are not available at the deli.  Current sandwiches are super-sized and costly – why not offer ½ sandwiches like most other local delis? And why not respond to this question?

A: My apologies for not responding in a timely manner.  We will be doing a menu change for the winter that will address this.  In the interim, we will be working on some internal processes in the coming weeks to offer this as an option.  –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: CBD Lattes please! Would be amazing and first of its kind. 

A: This is a definite possibility.  –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: The deck is wonderful – so peaceful and pretty with the flowers! I really appreciate it (and the café’s large windows!).

A: Thanks for sharing! –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: Regarding sharing tables – I never mind sharing a table and frequently watch during busy times for persons who may need a seat.  I hope persons have enough voice to ask to share if they need a space, it’s everyone’s right to have a seat if there is one.  This mentioned in response to a post about seating.  I spend most of my food money here and want to sit and read after eating, etc.  The café area is so nice here! Beautiful! Perhaps we can all be reminded not to put out jackets over empty chairs during busy times.  I don’t think it hurts to remind people, either.  Also, regarding seating – since the café is so wonderful and busy, I think you should put a hugely worded statement above the microwave “please be willing to share your table as we have limited seating, thank you”.  What do you think? I think that covers it all.  (And, please, no music on the deck, there was a post reg. live music.)

A: Thanks for all the great suggestions and thoughts.  –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: Healthy muffins would be great: add veggies, use maple for sweetener, applesauce, etc.  Lots of tasty recipes out there!

A: Thanks for the recommendations.  I think this is something our great pastry team can develop.  Keep you posted.  –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: Could you please add vegan entrees to the hot bar? Especially on weekends. 

A: We can definitely do better on more varied veg entrée items.  –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: You often use heavy cream in your recipes.  Today you have a mushroom garlic pesto entre which looks wonderful.  You can make delicious sauces without heavy cream.  I wish there were more of these dishes that are heart healthy.

A: Thanks for the suggestion, we can certainly do that.  –Doug, Prepared Foods Manager




Q: Expand “cash back” to include $5/$10.

A: Customizing the options of cash back is not something we can do at this time.  If you would like a different amount, let the cashier know and they can put it in for you.  Thanks. –Sonia, Front End Manager


Q: Can the Co-op get a reverse osmosis water system? It would be great for the community – fluoride is known to cause cancer.  

A: We have actually looked into this in the past few years and did not have the space to accommodate the size of the system at the time.  However, we are planning to look into it again incase different options are available.  Thanks! –Mary, Facilities Manager

Q: You give me good healthy and delicious blueberries! I love you Hunger Mountain Co-op!

A: Thank you, right back atchya! –Emma, Customer Service Rep

Q: I would love more eye contact by those working the register at service desk.  Really.

A: Thanks for your feedback! It can get pretty hectic up there when it’s busy however this should never affect the attention we pay to the person we are serving.  We will address this concern with the staff at our upcoming meeting. –Alison, Asst. Front End Manager


Q: The squeal and squeak of chain legs on the cement floor is brain shattering.  This can be eliminated by pressing on the adhesive fuzzy round chair leg pads on the bottom. 
A: Thanks for your suggestion and yes, we agree, easy fix.  We have put the felt pads on in the past but some must have fallen off.  We will make a trip to the hardware store for the solution.  Thanks for letting us know. –Mary, Facilities Manager


Q: Please put bigger signs at the register asking people to “round up” their bill for your good causes! I sometimes forget until it’s too late.

A: Thank you for your suggestion and support of the give change program.  We are currently working on making this change.  All my best.  –Stephani, Community Relations Manager


Q: Visiting Montpelier for the day and thrilled to find Hunger Mountain Co-op.  Great lunch, great people.  

A: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed your visit, come back soon!  –Emma, Customer Service Rep


Q: I love the Co-op! Not perfect, but still great!

A: We’re so glad, thank you! –Emma, Customer Service Rep


Q: Lower your prices!

A: A frequent comment.  Overall our prices are the results of our product costs and expenses.  We have limed ability to lower product costs further due to what we sell and our leverage as a purchasing agent.  We continually try to lower expenses; employee compensation is our largest expense by far so efficiency is really the key.  The co-op operates on a very thin margin; last year we netted profits of less than 1% of sales.  –Kari, General Manager


Q: How about some “hand sanitizer” for the front entrance, please! The dispenser has been empty for almost 2 weeks now!

A: Our apologies, it has been refilled.  Thanks for letting us know! –Mary, Facilities Manager