Customer Question: West Meadow Farm makes gluten free bagels, any chance of having them here?

Co-op Answer: Thank you got your input! We currently catty Myer's GF bagels, which are local.  We will reach out to West Meadow and see what they think about trying their bagels at the Co-op. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Marmite has been missing for at least 3 weeks - please restock.  Thanks!

A: Thank you for your input! There was an unexpected packaging change which made us unable to order it, but Marmite is back on the shelf now. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: I don't know the brand but would like the "all nut" butter.

A: Thank you for your input! I am going to reach out to you directly to see if I know what brand you might be talking about. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Garden of Eatin pico de gallo chip.  Where are they?

A: Thank you for your input.  It looks like this flavor was discontinued due to very slow sales.  You may still special order them, if you would like.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Any change of getting the chocolate walnut brownie Coconut Bliss ice cream? It would sell!

A: Thank you for your input! We try to carry flavors which are amongst the brand's top sellers as well as new or highly requested flavors. If we receive more requests for this flavor, we will consider bringing it in.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: What happened to the Bearitos no salt chips? Thanks.

A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, our distributor has discontinued this product.  We are on the hunt for  anew unsalted tortilla chip.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Yay! Thank you for the non-dairy unsweetened creamer and "half and half"! Thanks!

A: Thank you for your input! I am so glad you like it.  We are always trying to accommodate all dietary needs, when we can.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: We need Venetian ginger ale here! Local made so dang good!

A: Thank you for your input! We are considering this product and will be bringing it in after the bustle of the holidays.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Please restock Marmite.

A: Thank you for your input.  Marmite is back in stock now.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Will you get the Method wood polish in again?

A: Thank you for your input! It is back in stock now - it seems our distributor experienced a brief out of stock.  It should be in the store regularly now.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: How about adding a sugar-free fruit popsicle?

A: Thank you for your input! We are trying to convince out distributors to bring in Good Pop freezer pop line, as that is the only sugar free popsicle I could find.  If you have other brand recommendations, please reach out.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Please offer gluten-free pies.  Celiacs like fruit and pumpkin and cream, too!

A: Thank you for your input, Charlie Colon! We do have gluten free pies and tarts from bakeries like Fun Yums and Vermont Gluten Free.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Please carry Deelicious vegan cheesecake.  Yummy! Thanks.

A: Thank you for your input! We have Vermont Cheeseless Fulfilling our spot for a vegan cheesecake.  If a demand for Deelicious picks up, we will consider it.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer


Q: Equal Exchange milk chocolate bars are frequently out of stock. What gives?

A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, this is not actually a product we normally carry. We occasionally bring it in when we are highlighting this brand on a display.  You may special order it at any time.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Please carry Bark Thins.

A: Thank you for your input! We have unfortunately just finished the reset of the snack section.  The next time we consider this section of the store, we will look into bringing this product in.  -Olivia, Grocery Buyer  


Q: Your new product "Hawthorne Valley" plain yogurt is awful! The cream sticks to the aluminum seal, and it's watery, and is further away from us than the "Sweet Cow" yogurt (which is fabulous!). I'll never get it again!

A: Thank you for your input! We are excited about the Hawthorne Valley product because it is produced with biodynamic farming techniques, which are very important for sustainability in dairy farming.  However, if you prefer the taste of Sweet Cow, it is available as well in plain and other flavors. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer  


Q: Equal Exchange milk chocolate bars are frequently out of stock.  What gives?
A: Thank you for your input! Unfortunately, this is not a product we normally carry.  We occasionally bring it in when we are highlighting this brand on a display.  You may special order it any time. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer  


Q: We need Venetian ginger ale. So yum!

A: Thank you for your input! We will consider this product after the rush of the holidays. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer  


Q: Another Kombucha station or a bigger one.  Always empty.

A: Thank you for your input! We are currently working on a better system for checking the levels throughout the day.  Unfortunately, the tanks cannot be pulled until they are entirely emptied. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer  


Q: Have more candy!

A: Thank you for your input! I completely agree with you - always more candy! We just try to make sure the candy we bring in lives up to our high standards. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer  


Q: Please bring back EnerG egg replacer.

A: Thank you for your input! We are working on bringing back this product as soon as we sell through our back stock of the other brand. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer  


Q: Have plastic cup with lids and straws for bulk Kombucha.  12 oz or 16 oz with one price rather than per pound. 

A: Thank you for your input! We currently carry ready to drink bottles of AquaVitea in our grab and go cooler.  They are in glass bottles which we feel are a better option environmentally than plastic cups. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer  


Q: Any chance of getting sugar-free/gluten-free popsicles? They are so nice for the kiddos when they are sick.  Thanks.

A: Thank you for your input! We are trying to convince one of our distributors to carry the Good Pop brand freezer pops with no added sugar.  Few popsicle brands, even the organic ones, don't add some cane sugar, unfortunately. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer  


Q: Spelt wraps (other co-ops in VT have them). Sorry if I missed them, I did ask.

A: Thank you for your input! We carry Rudi's brand spelt wraps in our freezer.  Please ask our staff and we should be able to help you find them. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer  


Food Services

Q: Please don't discontinue the walnut date nut cake cakes. I've been buying them for 20 years.

A: I'm sorry, but this item was discontinued due to lack of sales. -Bibi, Cheese Buyer

Q: More varieties of cream cheese, such as veggie or garlic and herb.

A: So far I haven't been able to find any through our vendors.  We do have some "alternative" ones if you're interested. -Bibi, Cheese Buyer


Q: Can you order/carry - Follow Your Heart smoked gouda? It is so good!

A: I will bring this item in once it's in stock.  Will let you know when it's here. -Bibi, Cheese Buyer



Q: Anti-nausea wristbands.
A: Thanks for your suggestion.  We have ordered some from our distributor.  -Laura, Wellness Manager

Q: Charcoal tooth whitener please!

A: Thanks for your request. We currently carry Heritage activated charcoal whitening toothpaste and have added a second distributor to avoid out of stocks.  -Laura, Wellness Manager

Q: Please will you stock: Herbal supplements with glycerin / no alcohol - monolaurin, cat's claw.
A: Thanks for your requests.  Glycerin based cat's claw is not available through our tincture lines. We could special order bother products for you.  -Laura, Wellness Manager

Q: Please carry black candles all year long.  Black is a color, too. 
A: Black candles have been added back to our candle set above the soaps. -Laura, Wellness Manager


Q: Our membership # code may private [?] that stranger may misuse. Once [?] for purchase a second number?
A: Sorry I can't make out [some of the] words.  You can reach me at 262-3219 or or leave another written comment.  It is possible for a customer to misuse a member number, but I'm not sure what harm that would cause. -Kari, General Manager

Q: I asked three people before anyone had info about the food shelf.

A: Thanks for sharing! I hope you found the information you were looking for.  Come see us at the customer service desk if you need any further info! Thanks! -Emma, Customer Service Rep

Q: Seeing there is a funnel over the cashier café, what if there was a colorful umbrella over the person's location.
A: Love the idea! The only drawback would be dripping on the floor.  Our funnel prevents that when a drip does occur, but I do like the aesthetic appeal of a colorful umbrella. -Mary, Facilities Manager

Q: Following up on the Annual Meeting article, I see that Shaw's is hiring employees.  If some of the Co-op workers are so unhappy, why not apply to work at Shaw's.  The workers seem happy there.

A: We support employees' (and members', customers' and vendors') right to express themselves.  Hopefully this leads to a better place to work, shop and do business. -Kari, General Manager

Q: Dear Co-op: I was sorry to hear staff satisfaction is down by 8%. I'm glad you track this. I'd like to say that my satisfaction with staff is 100%.  They are helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and friendly.  I'm also please with all the coop offers.  Now my only concern is with staff satisfaction.  What could make this better? Let's have a great work place.

A: Thank you for your comments and concern.  While the ratings were down in last year's survey, they are still relatively high with 90% of the categories receiving an average of 3.5 or higher on a scale of 5. The survey helped us identify a couple of initiatives to work on this year to hopefully improve. -Kari, General Manager

Q: The trash/landfill bins in the café are really confusing.  Would you make 'em simpler?
A: We agree...the HMC Green Team is working on this and hopes to have clearer and more informative signage up soon! Stay tuned! -Emma, Customer Service Rep

Q: In South America those who bagged at grocery counters got tipped.
A: Interesting, definitely a different norm from the US. Vive la difference! -Kari, General Manager

Q: Keep senior discount!

A: Many members have expressed the same wish.  Our committee overseeing discount process is revising its draft recommendations and will be sharing them with members in January.  Stay tuned for details on how you participate. -Kari, General Manager


Q: The council represents the members! Not the members for the council!

A: The council takes its responsibility as representatives of co-op members very seriously.  I encourage you to reach out to council members (contact info posted on Co-op website and in store) or attend a council meeting (Dec. 4 5:30 pm is next one) to communicate your ideas, questions, and concerns. -Kari, General Manager

Q: When will you be taking WIC?  We are a community coop, correct? We should be serving all our community members.

A: We agree and it has been a very frustrating and slow transition to electronic WIC benefits.  Unfortunately our payment card processing service has not been able to support the new VT WIC benefits.  We will change providers in January.  An additional obstacle is certification by the state since they require brands we don't carry.  Our apologies for the delay. -Kari, General Manager

Q: What are the union's grievances? It's good to be open and transparent.  -A member owner who cares about the union. 

A: I agree transparency is important.  Without going into any confidential details, most of the past dozen grievances were related to discipline, awarding of open shifts, supplemental pay, employee discount, and access to unsalable products. -Kari, General Manager