I love to brew beer. I started this brewery in the basement of our home and have built three breweries to date. My favorite part of brewing is fermentation – watching those five gallons ferment as living yeast cells consume the sugars and finish the last stage in the brew process – for a home brewer glass carboys provide the best visual. The beer is alive with activity, you can see the hop particles rising, churning, and mixing while the gases escape – it is fantastic! With our 3,000-gallon tanks in our new brewery, I can no longer see the living beer in all its activity, but I still visualize this happening in the tank, only at a much larger scale.

I also love to brew with local ingredients when possible, including hand-picked spruce buds, Vermont maple syrup, organic pumpkins grown down the street, Vermont-grown hops, and even exotic ingredients like jasmine to create fresh treats for all to enjoy. Look for new beers with various local ingredients to come, and follow us on Facebook to keep in the loop.

In our third brewery, we are having a ton of fun brewing new beers such as a Kölsch, Single Hop Simcoe IPA, Saison, and Czech Pilsner. We also have a few delicious bourbon barrels aging our famous Vermonster beer as well as some Russian Imperial Stout.

During this 15-year exciting brew ride of fantastic beers, we have always strived to support local businesses and take care of the environment. Our philosophy has been to start in the town we brew in to purchase supplies. If not available, we search the State of Vermont, then New England and the border states. This helps our economy, and the environment, by not shipping long distances. Our grains from the brew process also feed local farmyards. Water and energy are conserved when cooling the boiling beer to room temperature with water and then saving that hot water for the next batch of beer. Throughout the brewing, we look for areas to save, recycle, and reduce while brewing tasty treats for all to enjoy!

Find more information on our website at www.rockartbrewery.com.