Our Co-op recently went solar by installing a timber frame solar canopy in our parking lot! 


Learn more about this exciting project by watching our YouTube video from the unveiling and also from the following Q&A session with our general manager, Kari Bradley. 


Why did the Co-op choose a Solar Canopy from SunCommon? 

We have considered offsite net metering projects but we really wanted to locate solar panels on the property. We don’t have a lot of space and our roof was not an option. When SunCommon proposed a solar canopy in our parking lot, we saw an opportunity to both generate renewable energy generation and provide a little protection to our customers from the weather. 

What will this mean for the business, shoppers, & member-owners?

It’s a first step for us in terms of sourcing renewable energy; we plan to take additional steps in the coming years. This first canopy will offset about 2% of our electrical needs, so it’s a modest first step in terms of reducing expenses. Since the canopy is a new model in central VT, we want to test it to make sure it works well for customers and our operations before we consider adding more canopies. Another goal of this project is to inspire our 8000+ member-owners and other businesses to consider their own solar projects.

Does the canopy align with the Co-op's mission? 

Absolutely. We are a food business but the underlying values emphasize sustainability: economic, social and environmental. The canopy is going to help us operationally move toward long-term sustainability and we hope that it inspires our broader community to progress further in that direction as well.


You Can Go Solar Too!

To help inspire our Co-op members to go solar, Hunger Mountain Co-op has partnered with SunCommon for a limited-time offer. Sign-up to go solar with SunCommon between now and March 31, and you will receive a $300 Co-op gift card.

Sign up with SunCommon for a free solar home visit here or call 882-8181.

Hand this coupon to your Solar Home Advisor when you sign a solar home agreement with SunCommon. Offer limited to the first 20 members.


Pick up your $300 Co-op gift card at Hunger Mountain Co-op's customer service desk.


For more information on this promo, contact Ellen at SunCommon: 798-2648 or ellen@suncommon.com