At Hunger Mountain Co-op, everyone is welcome! Hunger Mountain Co-op belongs to both NCG (National Cooperative Grocers) and Neighboring Food Co-op Assoication. Below are their statements.


Statement from NCG

NCG reaffirms our organization’s commitment to human rights, fairness, and diversity. Now and throughout our history, we look to the cooperative values to guide and remind us of the importance and purpose of co-ops in the U.S. and around the world.  

We value equality – treating each person with kindness, respect, and humanity.  

We value honesty – presenting ourselves with transparency, truthfulness, and integrity. 

We value self-responsibility – taking ownership of our actions, and knowing that each of us has an important role in the success of the cooperative economy and in the overall common good.  

We value democracy – understanding we all succeed when everyone has an opportunity to share their voice We value social responsibility – knowing we have an obligation to support our planet and all people who share it; including the neediest within our communities and beyond our borders.  

These values aren’t just words on paper, they have been the foundation of the success of the cooperative movement. They are a beacon that continues to guide us.


Statement from Neighboring Food Co-op Assoication

For over 170 years, the Co-operative Movement has stood for ideals of democracy, empowerment, and inclusion - ideals that are at the heart of America's journey as a nation, and that we continue to strive toward today.  From our beginnings, co-ops have celebrated human diversity and worked to bring people together to meet our needs and achieve our aspirations.  In short, we believe that we are better when we are welcoming when we lift one another up, and when we work together to make life better for everyone. 

In keeping with the Principles of the International Co-operative Alliance, our food co-ops work to ensure that our doors are open to all persons, "without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination."   As community-owned enterprises, we value respectful dialog, debate, and participation as expressions of economic democracy.  As organizations of people who depend on a healthy planet to survive and thrive, we are committed to the development of policies and strategies that will sustain our communities over time.

Today, we are witnessing levels of political, social, and economic division that we believe do not reflect our ideals as a nation.  While we honor differences of opinion, we are concerned that actions made by the current administration are fundamentally at odds with American Principles of democracy, diversity, and inclusion, as well as the Co-operative Values of equality, solidarity, and caring for others.  Specifically, we are seeing initiatives that we believe undermine human rights, immigration policies that exclude people based on their origins and religious beliefs, and initiatives that undercut efforts to slow climate change.

In this context, we reaffirm our commitment to being not just welcoming businesses, but empowering community enterprises.  We seek to be positive resources and influences, presenting opportunities for constructive dialogs and collective actions for change.  And we will explore ways that we can reach beyond our walls, advocating for policies that will contribute to democracy and equality, advance human rights, and support environmental sustainability.

As a federation of community-owned food co-ops, we seek to empower people to enjoy healthier lives, build stronger local communities, and provide good jobs.  We advocate for a deeper sense of corporate social responsibility that includes democratic ownership, the full expression of human diversity and the needs of future generations.  In taking this stand, we acknowledge that we can always do better and must challenge ourselves to live up to our Values and Principles.  By working together, we believe that we can help build stronger communities, a more inclusive nation, and a better world for everyone.
- The Board of Directors & Staff of the Neighboring Food Co-op Association