Our co-op is always balancing its limited resources with the goals of providing healthy food at affordable prices, being a good employer, paying fair prices to our farmers and food producers, and meeting the diverse needs of this membership and community. Last year our Co-op Conversations focused on member-owner discounts which have been growing at rapid rates over the past few years. A committee of members, Council members and staff presented background information and gathered input at a series of meetings and interviews. The council committee used that feedback to develop a set of draft recommendations for our member discount program but from the comments gathered last summer, it was clear they did not have broad support. The committee has been working on a revised set of recommendations and is again seeking feedback from members and staff. Read the revised recommendations here. 

How Can you Get Involved?

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Other in-person opportunities:

Small Group Discussion, Friday, Jan. 19, noon-1:00 pm, Co-op's Community Room 

Community Forum, Tuesday, Jan. 23, 5:30-7:00 pm, Montpelier Senior Activity Center

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