Rise And Shine Running: Ditch Pain and Injury While Running

Helping frustrated runners lace up for a lifetime with love. Ditch frustration and ramp up your health with a fun and sustainable running program while staying injury free.  

Sarah Richardson is a Certified Senior ChiRunning Instructor and Holistic Health Coach. She is the Author of the book, From Sidelines to Start Lines: The Frustrated Runner’s Guide to Lacing Up for a Lifetime and a featured author in the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul Running for Good. 

Did you know that you can run more efficiently and consciously prevent injury? Sarah is trained to help frustrated and disheartened runners lace up for a lifetime in a way that feels good and is safe for your body. She offers ChiRunning clinics (group or private) that specifically target and improve your running form. She also performs Video Analysis sessions which dissect your specific running technique and give detailed suggestions for decreasing your chance of injury or problem solve an existing or chronic injury. 

$25.00 off of a ChiRunning Clinic (group or private) or $10 off of a Video Analysis of your running

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