Vermont Wilderness Rites – Fran Weinbaum, Guide and Life Coach

Wilderness based rites of passage and retreats; individual and group life coaching for personal growth, to support life transitions, and excellence in work relationships. Workshops and retreats in leadership, forgiveness, rites of passage. Also work with organizations. Free 1/2 hour introductory session.  Sliding fee available on all programs and services.

Robin Cornell – Whole Health Practitioner, Educator, and Life Coach

Supporting and empowering clients to gently move through, manage, and heal chronic pain patterns – whether physical, emotional, or spiritual – for over 35 years. Master bodywork, cranial sacral therapy, neuromuscular retraining, sound healing, EFT, and mindfulness training are just some of the options I tailor to each client according to their …

Melissa Story Coaching

I help my clients transform their relationship with food and body image, getting to the root of suffering to create lasting change. I also coach people struggling with addiction to find an individual path to recovery.  free 1/2 hour consultation, plus a 20% discount

Krissy Ruddy RYT, HHC

I design personalized, deeply transformative nutrition and weight loss plans for women so you can trust your intuition, burn your diet books, and make an impact on the world. free one hour initial SPARK Session (holistic nutrition consultation)