Shaman’s Flame

Shamanic Healing, counseling, education. Including soul retrieval and empowerment, intrusion extraction, depossession, divination readings, channeling, wedding ceremonies, land and house spirit communication, in Woodbury and Montpelier. 25% off first private session, $5 off every other session if paid with cash

Central Vermont Reiki

Reiki is a soothing hands-on  healing modality- and a personal practice that can help address health challenges and bring more ease to your life. Everyone can learn Reiki! 15% discount offered on sessions and classes Nancy Mosher Reiki Master: Sylvia Gaboriault Reiki Master: Gerette Buglion Reiki II Practitioner:

Beth Ann Cleveland, RMT

Reiki creates deep relaxation, releases stress, tension and toxins. Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities. Helps relieve pain. Reiki supports the immune system and helps to harmonize mind, body, and spirit. $15 off first 3 sessions Morrisville/Stowe