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Through our Co-op Community Links program, our co-op partners with more than 100 local businesses and wellness practitioners that provide discounts to Co-op member-owners.
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embodied is an incredible space for transformation & creation through body-mind integration. Come explore with us, and find out how truly empowering your yoga, pilates & movement practices can be! First two classes for the price of one ($16/two drop in classes)

Emerge with Amy LePage: Pregnancy & Postpartum

A gentle approach to navigating your changing body during pregnancy which helps you prepare for birth. As well as thoughtful and honoring healing and rebuilding of strength from the inside out during postpartum. Focus on education about diastasis, pelvic floor, and ergonomics, and learn how to take care of yourself while …

Emerge with Amy LePage: Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Holistic, body/mind education for pregnancy, childbirth preparation, postpartum, and parenthood. Pre/postnatal Yoga, Prenatal Somatic Bodywork, Moving Breathing Birth & Empowered Childbirth Education Classes, Pelvic Floor Health, Postpartum Somatic Bodywork and Birth Healing. Group and Private Sessions. Offerings are currently virtual, in-person, or a hybrid of the two. $20 off private …

Emerge with Amy Lepage: Somatic Bodywork

Hands-on, clothed bodywork sessions focusing on movement, breath, nervous system regulation, and how our habits and patterns, histories, injuries, mindset, and stressors all impact how we move, breathe and experience life. Trauma-informed care and education that is effective, practical, and powerful. Pre and Postnatal somatic bodywork sessions are also available.  …

Emerge with Amy LePage: Somatic Movement, Body Wisdom, and Breath

Emerge offers a gentle, slow, neuromuscular re-education approach to movement that reduces tension, pain and unravels habitual daily use patterns. Classes and private sessions also educate about how the nervous system is hardwired to respond to stress and trauma. Learn strategies and exercises to build awareness around your patterns, meet them with greater …

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