Co-op Month Wine Tasting (21+)

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October 17, 2019 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Patrick Luce
Phone: 802-262-3235

Co-op Month Wine Tasting (21+)

Hunger Mountain Co-op
Address: 623 Stone Cutters Way

We have two cooperative wineries offering a great variety of wine choices every day right on the top shelf of the end cap at the entrance to the wine department here at the Co-op! From Family Farms to Family Tables is proudly displayed at the top of each bottle. Because these wines are sold direct to cooperatives, the cost is low every day while the value is high and the positive impact on humans and the global trade market is great.

La Riojana is very proud of their popular range of cooperative wines. Each wine is organic, Fairtrade certified, and stands for the very ethos of the cooperative. La Riojana states that they are “teaching our growers to produce wine using sustainable and ethical farming practices as well as helping them, their families and communities to grow and prosper.” Profits from these wines, which are only sold to cooperatives, are used to build much-needed infrastructure in the northwest Argentinian province - like the first high school in the area and now a healthcare center.

The Co-op Moncaro was founded in Montecarotto, Italy in 1964 when a few small farmers emancipated from big landowners. Through the co-op, the farmers became the owners of their own company and as a result, received a fair remuneration for the products of the land they cultivated. Moncaro has become one of the top 50 producers in Italy and the top producer in the Marche region, with 30% of the total volume in the Verdicchio varietal for the structure and longevity that it gives to the wines.

Ethical work practices and environmentally friendly technologies are key in the daily effort of Moncaro. In 1980, Moncaro was the first wine company in Italy to experiment the organic cultivation of grapes. The cooperative counts on three wineries from most suitable areas of cultivation of native varietals of Marche, an area of about 3.5 acres. Moncaro is also a member of other co-ops in Italy, which allows the winery to source ethical and high quality wine from other Italian co-ops in Sicily, Abruzzo and Puglia. The company uses renewable solar energy for more than half of its demand. Today, Moncaro exports to more than 50 countries, producing wines boasting a long list of awards for the values of its work on a global level.

Beer and wine tastings are open to anyone aged 21 and older.