Educational Wine & Cheese Tasting (21+)

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March 8, 2019 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Patrick Luce
Phone: 802-262-3235

Educational Wine & Cheese Tasting (21+)

Hunger Mountain Co-op
Address: 623 Stone Cutters Way

This week, we will be featuring wines from Australia, which has become the sixth largest wine producing country in the world. Nearly 2,000 wineries are spread through every state, and many of them are small family-owned operations. On Friday, we feature a winery that brings a fascinating bit of Australian history to the wine table as well. 19 Crimes is named after the infamous 19 crimes for which convicts in Great Britain would be sentenced to “transportation,” or exile to Australia. Each bottle is adorned with a label featuring a true, real-life convict who was sentenced and shipped off to Australia for one of the 19 crimes. The winery even provides an app you can download on your phone and when you point your phone at the label, it comes to life, providing the convict a chance to tell you his or her story, in their own words. Make sure you check out that fun, unique experience while you try the Warden’s Reserve, Hard Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Uprising, all being sampled on Friday

Parish Hill Creamery produces seasonal, handmade, raw milk cheeses inspired by the traditional cheeses of Italy. Peter Dixon brings over 30 years of cheesemaking experience and he is joined by his wife Rachel Schaal and sister Alex Schall. The creamery is the culmination of Peter’s years of making cheese, teaching classes, solving problems, and imagining possibilities. Peter, Rachel and Alex love making cheese. They make cheese traditionally, simply, as near to home as possible, and with the highest quality ingredients and results that can be had. Along with those wines, we will be sampling Parish Hill's Herdsman. Parish Hill gets beautiful milk from Elm Lea Farm at the Putney School, just up the road from the creamery, and the milk is the result of healthy animals grazing on lush pastures.  Protein and fat are balanced ideally for the cheeses produced, and the cheese changes subtly throughout the season, reflecting the growth and maturation of various pasture plants. Their starter cultures are made from the milk of 4 individual cows. Helga, Abigail, Clothilda, and Sonia were chosen for their health, their components, and their disposition.  As a result, Parish Hill makes mother cultures that are truly an articulation of their milk and the resulting cheese is a revelation of that milk, the cows, the pastures, the water and the land. Whole milk, long-aged Asiago-style Herdsman is made when the cows are grazing on hillside pastures and aged at least 12 months to develop a full, slightly sharp flavor with hints of pineapple and hazelnuts.  The supple interior becomes granular as the cheese ages beyond a year.

Beer and wine tastings are open to all folks aged 21 and older.