Get Your Favorite Vermont-Brewed Beers at the Co-op

In the Vermont beer scene, The Alchemist is one of many breweries who has achieved a devoted local following. Their Heady Topper is especially beloved and, at one time, was difficult to locate, making it a prized purchase worth standing in long lines to get. Although it’s currently somewhat easier to find, Heady Topper is still available at the Co-op, now with no limit to how much customers may purchase. Delivered once per week, on Wednesday afternoons, supplies on hand are limited, so it still pays to get in soon after the delivery to pick up some of this fantastic double IPA.

Another favorite local brewer is Lawson’s Finest Liquids, out of Waitsfield. A leader in the craft beer scene, Lawson’s is committed to not just high-quality beer, but also supporting the local community and reducing their environmental impact, among other core values.  We always carry their tropical and fruity Sip of Sunshine IPA and their light and refreshing Super Session. Other varieties from Lawson’s may occasionally be found as part of a mixed four-pack or when they are brought in for a limited time, but they are not regularly available.

And don’t forget, you can build your own case of Vermont beers, made up of any six four-packs, and get 10% off!

Other Vermont beers you will want to check out include:

Upper Pass Beer Company is a farmhouse brewery in Tunbridge focused on the key ingredients in beer (hops, malt, and yeast). They like to produce hop-forward beers as well as beers that make malts the star of the beverage. Upper Pass is becoming one of the most sought-after breweries in the state, so keep your eyes open for Cloud Drop, First Drop, and other fantastic brews, they are becoming harder and harder to get.

Frost Beer Works is an outstanding Vermont craft brewery in Hinesburg. They have many exceptional beers in their line-up, but they are best known for their Lush Series of Double IPA’s: Lush, Shush, Plush. If you love Double IPA’s, you have to give Frost a try.

Bent Hill Brewing is located on a 16-acre farm in Braintree, in the mountains of central Vermont. They aim to produce an array of unique and artistic beers using as many ingredients as they can from the land on which they live and work. The lineup changes every week, no one beer is readily available all the time here at the Co-op. If you want to try something specific from Bent Hill, you need to keep your eyes peeled and grab it while you can because they go quick.

Our beer department staff is here to help. Let us know about other beers you would like us to carry, and ask questions about what to pair your beer with, what beers you should try, or anything else beer-related you might be curious about.

We hope to see you in the beer aisle soon!