Thank You to Our Member-Owners

We truly appreciate our member-owners who achieve so much for our local region by shopping at the Co-op and supporting many of our programs and initiatives. These accomplishments run the gamut from supporting our shared community to supporting the local food economy to increasing the Co-op’s environmental stewardship and responsibility.

Just some of these achievements from our fiscal year 2018 include:

Co-op members raised $10,882 for the Montpelier Food Pantry through our Bag That Bag program

A full 40%, 45%, and 32% of Co-op sales came from local, fresh, and certified organic products, respectively

Over 5% of our sales came from products supplied by other co-ops

36,944 gallons of local milk sold

$8.2 million in purchases from 491 Vermont vendors

59,446 dozens of local eggs sold

10,360 pints of local maple syrup sold

93,592 pounds of local apples sold

10.1% decrease in carbon dioxide emissions from the previous year

46 gallons of bottle caps recycled

At the same time, member-owners shape and guide the success of our Co-op in numerous other ways. They volunteer at big events such as Annual Meeting and Truckload Sales. They get involved in the day-to-day work that happens in our store by becoming a core worker. They participate in important conversations regarding topics such as senior and other discounts. And they take part the democratic process by voting and being heard during our annual elections.

Thank you to all of our member-owners who make Hunger Mountain Co-op what it is. We can’t wait to see what we accomplish together this year.