To-Go Packaging Update

We recently let you know about a report which had been released regarding PFAS chemicals that were found to potentially be present in some food packaging and containers.

New Update (1/29/19):
Our national food co-op association recently completed a full review of our food packaging supplies and found that two are produced with PFAS.

  • The salad/hot food boxes contain PFAS in the outer paper to help resist stains. The inside of the food boxes is coated with a PFAS-free aqueous lining that prevents food items from coming into direct contact with PFAS.
  • The bulk coffee bags also contain PFAS in the outer paper layer to help resist oil stains.

Our suppliers expect to have fully PFAS-free coffee bags available in February and PFAS-free food boxes in March. Until then, if you prefer to not use these supplies, we recommend a reusable hard-plastic or glass container for coffee and one of our eco-containers or dine in option for the food bar.

We will continue to update you on any other important information as we receive it.

Feel free to inquire at our Deli counter for more information about our eco-containers, or email us at

Thank you.