Customer Comments 4/18/19


Q: Please start carrying graham crackers.
A: Thank you for your input! Is there any specific brand of graham crackers you would like to see? We do currently carry the Annie’s brand graham crackers in cinnamon and honey flavors. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Please consider stocking “Birds and Beans coffee –> certified to protect migratory bird habitat. Flavor is excellent! Good choice of varieties, too!
A: Thank you for your input! Currently, we do not take on any bagged coffee that is not from a local, Vermont based roastery. Our set is currently over-full and we would not be able to bring in something new without dropping something else. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Sweet Doe Chai flavor please.
A: Thank you for your input! I just had the opportunity to try this flavor last week! We will definitely be bringing in this item this summer. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: It would be great if we sold reusable bags and kept them near produce. I have the plastic!
A: Thank you for your input! We currently sell a few varieties of reusable cotton bags in our households section. We are looking to add a mesh option and hope to have them all available in our produce section this month. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: You moved the GF good shelves and then didn’t mark the area as GF. There are very few of the colored GF tabs either so I had to ask for help. Having a sign at the top GF would be wonderful.
A: Thank you for your input! We are currently working with our design team to create overhead signage for our new bakery section, including something to highlight our wonderful, gluten-free bakeries. -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Q: Tony’s Chocolonely makes a milk chocolate with hazelnuts that is terrific. Possible to get it? Thanks.
A: Thank you for your input! Tony’s Chocolonely will be moving to an upright package soon, which will open up space for a new flavor. As soon as that change happens, we will bring this flavor in! -Olivia, Grocery Buyer

Food Services

Q: The wooden utensils might be good for kindling bot not for eating with – especially the forks. One just broke in my wife’s salad – almost ate it.
A: These are now compostable and are a much requested alternative to single use plastic that we are committed to minimizing. They are not as durable as plastic but that is the trade off. We do offer silverware for dining in. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: I love the salad/hot bar, deli and cafe. But what’s with the super sized sandwiches? I’d be happy to pay $5 for 1/2 of a $9 sandwich. The bread you use is the perfect shape for 1/2s. As it is, I never buy a sandwich.
A: Thanks for the request. We will run this as a special to guage interest. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: We are sad to hear that you are no longer making your mac and cheese cake. Is there any chance you would reverse that decision…please!
A: It’s in the case as I write this. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Consider avoiding raw onions in coleslaw. Many folks cannot digest. Consider avoiding sweeteners in savory foods. Many folks avoiding sugars of all kinds. And yes, a little can trigger binges.
A: Thanks for this feedback. I will consider both these requests and discuss with the team. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Please go back to VT Artisan Coffee in the Deli. If I liked 802 Coffee I would go to Capital Grounds – I don’t get coffee while I shop anymore. Thanks!
A: Thanks for the input! We do try to offer a number of different VT brands including Artisan on a rotating basis. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Please clean table tops in cafeteria – sticky and dirty.
A: There is a coating that needs to be resealed on the tables. This is the stickiness you are experiencing. The sealant we use us scheduled to be reapplied this summer. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Where are all the desserts?
A: We are continually in the process of reevaluating our offerings based on sales and ability to consistently produce them with the team we have. Some of the desserts have been pulled from production for awhile as we reset our production schedule. As/if we are able some will come back. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: Please offer a communal spoon for stirring cream into coffee/tea. Not everyone will use it but it will certainly reduce wooden stir stick waste by those who don’t mind sharing a metal spoon. Thanks.
A: This is not something we can offer and be in line with health codes. You can use a spoon from the hot bar silverware and put it in the bus tub in the cafe when you are done with it though! Not convenient but a good work around. -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager

Q: My daughter is a vegan and I often prefer vegan options. On your breakfast hot bar you routinely have several selections of breakfast sandwiches which are all very good if one eats meat. As a step toward a vegetarian option could you use the vegetarian sausage you sell in the dairy section? There is likely no difference in cost and many would select the option, even for the health and environmental responsibility.
A: I will run this as a special and gauge demand! Thanks for the suggestion! -Doug, Prepared Foods Manager


Q: I saw the person’s comments about Nature’s Gate products with more plastic. I agree! I like their shampoo but hate the big pump dispenser. Could you ask them to go back to the small caps you just open?
A: Thank you for your suggestion. It turns out that Nature’s Gate brand is being discontinued by the manufacturer later this year. -Laura, Wellness Manager

Q: Could you carry silk dental floss packaged in glass bottles? Trying to reduce single use plastic. Thanks!
A: Silk floss has been research and due to its impact it is not being carried. Another option could be Ecodent which comes in paper-fiber packaging.


Q: Why is our refund only 1/2 of the actual refund amount – kind of like false advertising.
A: Each year if there is any net income the, the Council makes a determination of if and how much of a patronage refund to distribute. The Council always has the option to retain a portion of the refund for common capital to strengthen the business. It is typical to retain a portion and that is what they chose to do again. -Kari, General Manager

Q: More free samples.
A: Thank you for the feedback. -Kari, General Manager