From Our Council President

Eva Schectman, Council President

Our Special Member Meeting on Bylaws on May 12 was the first remote meeting the Co-op held that included real-time electronic voting on multiple articles.  

The council would like to express our appreciation for Paul Gillies, who volunteered to moderate the meeting, Joel Brock, the technology consultant, and all presenters, live and recorded. Thanks to the Co-op staff for helping make this meeting possible.  

Extra special appreciation goes to our Bylaw Committee: Carl Etnier, Stephanie Kaplan, Steven Farnham, Sue Zekas, Scott Hess, and Jed Davis. Along with Cheryl Connor, Eric Jacobson, and Kari Bradley, for all their work over the past four years in helping develop the proposals. 

On the subject of thanks, thank you for weathering the challenges of technology. At the last minute, a number of members realized they didn’t receive their voting tokens. At the same time, the Co-op staff, who were meant to help members navigate the voting process and answer other related questions, we’re unable to see the chat messages intended for them. We all learned a lot from the challenges and will apply these lessons in future remote meetings. 

A quorum was established, and the presentation of articles, motions, seconds, and votes commenced. Five of the seven articles intended for presentation were voted on favorably and by wide margins. By 8 pm, a motion to adjourn was voted down, but minutes later, there was no longer a quorum, so the meeting was called to a close by the moderator. Due to the abrupt ending of the meeting, I was unable to thank everyone for their part in making it possible, so I am doing so now. 

Thank you to all who participated, shared your perspective on the issues, and voted. Our co-op is stronger for your participation. 

Warm Regards, 

Eva Schectman, Council President