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Member-owner discount directory 

Through our Co-op Community Links program, our co-op partners with more than 100 local businesses and wellness practitioners that provide discounts to Co-op member-owners.
Interested in becoming a Co-op Community Link?
It's free! Just fill out a Co-op Community Links application and return it to the customer service desk at the Co-op.

AIA massage

AIA Massage, Cranial Sacral Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Lymph Drainage Massage. Facials with Potent Nature products. Foot Reflexology, Hot Stone and Sound Healing Massage, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) free Potent Nature elemental massage candle with first treatment

Alexander Technique Center for Natural Movement

Learn to move naturally and become free of unconscious and harmful movement habits in sitting, standing, walking and other activities with gentle hands-on guidance.  Improve performance, recover from & prevent injury, relieve chronic body issues. Private session by appt. $15 off 90 minute Intro Session

Alicia Feltus, Lyme Magnetic Protocol, Clinical Nutrition, Whole Health Educator, Reflexology, Yoga

Lyme Magnetic Protocol & Clinical Nutrition utilize muscle testing to determine immune challenges, food sensitivities, metal and chemical toxicity. Alicia offers wellness talks at your workplace or private group setting. 30% off Lyme Magnetic Protocol & Nutrition Evaluation

AroMed Aromatherapy/Lauren Andrews RN

Lauren Andrews RN, Certified Aromatherapist and Founder of AroMed Aromatherapy, offers organic plant remedies, an essential oil product line, CBD, gemstones, yoga supplies, natural perfumes, and community education.  20% off first $100 spent on essential oils

Art Workshops with Lori Hinrichsen

Art workshops I bring to you! Get together 3-5 friends and choose a workshop, listed on my website. Relax, be inspired, and enjoy the camaraderie while you create! Adults only.  10% off a workshop

Hunger Mountain Co-op believes that participating businesses are reputable; however we cannot guarantee goods, services, or discounts.