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NBNC Naturalist Journeys 2024

Wool Rugs, Grazing Sheep, and Climate Change: What’s the Connection? with Kimberly Hagen (IN-PERSON)

What does a wool rug have to do with climate change? A lot! A rug made from wool taken from grazing sheep holds onto carbon and contributes to a healthier functioning ecosystem and environment. Each discrete stage varies in its contribution, but when pulled together in the the form of a wool rug, the contribution is significant. Sheep perform magic by turning plants into milk, meat and fiber. Sheep recycle nutrients and provide fertilizer to the plants on the land without the burning of fossil fuels. And finally, a wool rug or sweater is a kind of sequestered carbon!

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AUTHOR: Co-op Staff
DATE: Jan 23, 2024
TIME: 6:30PM - 8:00PM

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