Membership Is Ownership
Join for $15

As a member-owner of Hunger Mountain Co-op, you are just that, an owner of the Co-op. Not many people can say that they own the store where they shop, but at our co-op, this vision is a reality that anyone can be part of. Although you don’t need to be a member to shop, we encourage anyone over the age of 18 to join. When you become a member, your investment is used to build, strengthen, and run your Co-op. In turn, your Co-op is dedicated to supporting local farmers, bakers, and other local producers. This keeps our neighbors in business and assures that profits stay invested in our community.


•  Access to Curbside Pick-Up through online shopping, eReceipts, and Member-Only sales.

•  Eligibility for shopping discounts through member labor, Co-op Cares, and senior discounts.

•  Own the store where you shop and be eligible for an annual patronage refund.

•  Have a voice and a vote in our Co-op's future.

Equity Investment

To become a Co-op member, you can make your equity investment in one of the following ways:

•  One payment of $180.

•  $15 per fiscal year (July - June) until you reach $180, or installments of any size at any time, so long as they meet a minimum of $15 per fiscal year.

  • Membership at our co-op is individual and the equity goal is currently $180. The Council may in the future change the equity requirement depending on our capital needs.
  • Members who wish to end their membership may request their equity be refunded to them (less an administrative fee) by filling out this form. The Council must approve all refunds.
  • Member equity investments are subordinate to other Co-op financial liabilities and should be considered at risk.

Co-op Cares

Our Co-op Cares program is a member-owner benefit intended to help our community increase access to healthy, local, and organic foods. Co-op members who are currently receiving 3SquaresVT benefits, supplemental security income (SSI), are participating in the WIC program, are working with a verified community partner, or are currently unemployed may apply for a 10 percent discount on their purchases.

How to apply
You must be a Co-op member-owner to apply for the Co-op Cares discount. It is $15 to join, and you may be eligible for a grant to help you with your payment. Member-owner applications can be filled out online or in-store at the customer service desk. Grant applications are available at the customer service desk.

Print and complete a Co-op Cares application. Paper applications are available in store. Bring your completed application and proof of eligibility to a staff member at the customer service desk. Proof of eligibility includes a current WIC program verification of certification, SSI award letter, notice of decision from 3SquaresVT benefits, proof of unemployment, a signed community partner verification letter, or a completed eHealth Care Share application. If you need help with this process, let us know.


Joining is easy! You can either use the form below to apply and make your initial equity payment online, fill out a new member-owner application at Customer Service next time you are in the store, or print and fill out a new member-owner application at home and bring it to the Customer Service desk. Once you have filled out your application, you can make an initial equity payment of at least $15 or pay the full equity amount of $180. If, for any reason, you wish to end your member-ownership, you can fill out an equity refund request form, available at the Customer Service desk or by contacting Member-Owner Services. All equity refunds are subject to approval by the council at their next scheduled meeting. If approved, your equity investment will be refunded to you, less a $7 processing fee. If you decide to rejoin the Co-op within one year, you will be required to repay the amount of equity you were refunded per our Co-op bylaws.


Electronic Receipt Opt In

Click here if you are a member-owner and would like to opt in to our eReceipt program.

Give Change Opt In

Did you know that you can support a local nonprofit organization or community partner by rounding up your purchase at the register? Click here to learn more about our Give Change program, and members can sign up to be asked at the register if they would like to round their purchases up to the next dollar when shopping.