June Workshops at the Co-op

Please join us for our lineup of workshops in June, including a fantastic selection of topics, from fatherhood and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders to boosting brain health and avoiding cognitive decline. We’ve also got our next book club meeting, featuring Cooked by Michael Pollan, and a Get to Know Your Co-op workshop focused on participation opportunities.

Unless otherwise noted, all workshops are free and take place in our upstairs community room. An elevator to access that room is available upon request. Space for our workshops is limited and pre-registration is suggested. You can reserve your spot using our easy online form here. If you are interested in presenting a workshop, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out our online application form here. If you have any questions, you can call us at 802-262-3202 or email info@hungermountain.coop.

Exploring a Healthy Menstrual Cycle
Presented by Valerie Patroni, CPM, LM, Traditional Midwife
Friday, June 7

Gain a deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle while learning how to better interpret our bodies’ signals every day of the month. Fertility Awareness Method will be clarified as well as natural treatments for hormones and better periods!

The Psychology of the “Body”
Presented by Robert Kest, Ph.D.                                    
Monday, June 10     

The ways we move and breathe and speak and stand and are structured all shape our experience of being in the world. If we come to our lives informed by these dynamics we can cultivate more ease and skill and comfort within our own skin and in the world.

Fatherhood: Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders
Presented by The Family Center’s Jennifer Auletta & Chris Robinson 
Wednesday, June 12

We understand that partners are deeply affected by the challenge of supporting a partner who is struggling or being one of the 1 in 10 dads who has Postpartum Depression or Anxiety. Come explore you and your family’s transition into parenthood.

Five Money Questions for Women
Presented by Kristin Dearborn, Financial Advisor
Monday, June 17 

This is an educational program that shares perspective on a process women can use to identify financial goals and set a strategy.

Food Book Club
Presented by Robert Barossi, Co-op Community Relations, co-presented by Kellogg-Hubbard Library
Tuesday, June 18

Join us for our monthly book club where we will read books about all things food-related. This month’s book is Cooked by Michael Pollan. You can read about the book club, upcoming selections, and more here.

Understanding Late-Stage Neurological Lyme
Presented by Brendan Kelly, acupuncturist, herbalist, professor, author
Wednesday, June 19 

Using Chinese medicine’s neurological tradition, we’ll discuss understanding both the symptoms and underlying cause of neurological Lyme disease including tremors, seizures, and migraines. We’ll also talk about the progression of Lyme and how the initial tick bite can manifest as a wide range of additional symptoms.

Get to Know Your Co-op: Participation
Presented by Robert Barossi & Robyn Joy Peirce, Co-op Community Relations
Thursday, June 20

Learn more about the benefits of membership and how you can actively participate. Take a behind the scenes tour of the store. Enjoy light refreshments while mingling with other member-owners. Come with any questions you have about getting more involved with your Co-op!

Soul Collage
Presented by Tara Carpenter
Friday, June 21

Making a soul collage card is a way to bypass the busy mind and activate intuition. Come and create a work of art with deep personal meaning, while processing emotion without the use of words. Your card will speak straight to your soul.

Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening
Presented by Alicia Feltus, CYT, Certified AIS Instructor
Wednesday, June 26

AIS provides an effective, dynamic, facilitated stretching of major muscle groups, restoring fascial planes. Learn unique sequences to isolate and stretch major muscle groups to increase blood & lymph flow, prevent injury and improve injury recovery. 

How to Boost Brain Health & Prevent Cognitive Decline
Presented by Dr. Seth Osgood, DNP, IFM-CP
Thursday, June 27

Neurodegeneration and cognitive decline are growing exponentially, robbing individuals and families of their health, joy, and independence. This seminar will discuss four primary drivers of cognitive decline and how you can address them naturally.