Racial Equity Listening Session

How Can We Promote Racial Equity at Hunger Mountain Co-op?
Sunday, Oct. 4, at 6–8 pm via Zoom

Our Hunger Mountain Co-op Council is interested in hearing from you! Join us for a facilitated two-hour session on how the Co-op can evolve to become racially inclusive to the entire community. During this session, we’ll work in small and large groups to think about how the Co-op membership fits into the larger movement for racial justice. We’ll tackle questions (and feelings) about racial inclusion, unconscious racism, and how we can move towards a more racially inclusive and just co-op community.

To prepare for this listening session, we invite you to listen to the Code Switch podcast “Why Now, White People?”

This session is open to the entire Co-op membership. Please be aware that there may be questions and conversations specific to ongoing racial violence and its impacts on our community. There is a limit of 20 participants, so register today!

Save your space by emailing us or signing up on the sheet in the exit way of the Co-op.

More about the facilitators:

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Kathy Johnson: Kathy works with adults and youth to create welcoming, respectful environments free of bias, bullying, harassment and discrimination. In addition to her work as a CQ Strategies Co-Founder and Partner, she is self-employed as Vermont Equity Training & Consulting. Her consulting work takes many forms, including as a Senior Training Consultant with the Anti-Defamation League’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute. Prior to CQ Strategies, Kathy spent 10 years as Director of Equity Initiatives at Vermont Institute for Science, Math, and Technology. She enjoys yoga, backpacking, biking, and spending time with friends and family. Kathy is a founding member of CQ Strategies.

Ita Meno: Since moving to Burlington, Ita has worked for Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom, facilitated groups at Outright VT, and chaired the RU12? Queer Community Center Board of Directors. Ita is an activist with the Radical Cheerleaders, a member of Kings Local 802, and a founding member of the House of Lordes, both activist-oriented drag performance groups. They were a core member of the group of activists who worked to add “Gender Identity and Expression” to the State of Vermont’s list of protected classes. Ita can often be seen traipsing about town in bright colors, talking loudly, interrupting hurtful remarks and breaking up fights. Ita is a founding member of CQ Strategies.