Recap from Hunger Mountain Co-op’s Special Meeting

In a two-hour meeting on Thursday, May 12, Co-op members met and deliberated over proposed revisions to the articles of incorporation and the bylaws, following the warned agenda. The first five voting items were voted on and approved. The Bylaw Committee proposed ending the meeting at that time, as the allotted two hours had passed, but members voted to continue. However, the number of attendees soon fell below a quorum (100 members), so the meeting ended without votes on the last two voting items. The Bylaw Committee will discuss recommendations to the council on whether and how to proceed with those items and other bylaws-related issues; this page will be updated.

Item 1: To clarify language in the Articles of Incorporation about voting on behalf of someone else (voting by proxy)?Item 2: A comprehensive revision of the bylaws, rewriting them in clear, concise language?Item 3: Revising some voting procedures?Item 4: Transparency of compensation?Item 5: Council member freedom of expression?