Council Meetings & Resources


Council Meetings & Resources
Democracy at work

The Co-op council generally meets once a month in our community room and meetings are open to all member-owners. Typically, council meetings are the first Monday of the month, starting at 5:30pm, with a community dinner beginning at 5:00 (July's meeting is often held at the end of June. There is no meeting in early August, but the September meeting is often held at the end of August). The council also hosts an annual membership meeting, generally in early November, to share information about the Co-op and hear from member-owners.

The agenda for the next meeting, including date, time, and place, is posted below as soon as it's available and posted on the Council Information Bulletin Board in the exit way of the Co-op. Upcoming meeting dates for the rest of 2019 are October 7, November 4, December 2.

You are encouraged to share your ideas, comments and concerns with council members. A current list of council members and their contact information can be found here.

Council elections are held each year, beginning in the summer and ending at the annual membership meeting. This year's Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 7. We encourage all members to consider running for the Co-op's Council. Check out this year's application and Council Information Guide and contact us at or 802-262-3202 if you have any questions.

Agenda and Resources

January 6 Council Meeting Agenda

2020 Council Retreat Agenda
View our council meeting guest policy
View Hunger Mountain Co-op bylaws

2019 Impact Report

View the 2019 Impact Report.

Minutes and Audio Recordings

The Council posts meeting minutes online and in the Co-op once they have been approved, generally at the following Council meeting.
Unapproved minutes are available upon request two weeks after a meeting.
In addition to the meeting minutes, you can now listen to audio recordings from our council meetings. Just click the link below.

2020 Meetings
Minutes and Audio Recordings























2019 Meetings
Minutes and Audio Recordings

Looking for older minutes and audio recordings? Check the Archive

Council Bylaw Committee

Over the past year and a half, the Council’s Bylaw Committee has been developing recommendations to revise the Co-op's bylaws to make them much clearer. A second round of forums to gather member and staff input is scheduled for January:

  • January 11, noon
  • January 15, noon
  • January 22, 5:30 pm

All of the forums will be held in the Co-op’s Community Room and all are welcome to attend. Can't make it to the Co-op? January 15 and 22 meetings will be accessible via GoToMeeting. Click here to learn more.

The committee plans to make its recommendations to the Co-op Council in February. The Council will decide how it wants to proceed in bringing proposed revisions to a vote at a special member meeting likely in the spring of 2020.

Next Committee Meeting: January 22, 6:30 pm

Hunger Mountain Co-op's Bylaws

Proposed Bylaw Revisions Draft

Bylaw Committee Notes 10/9/2018
Bylaw Committee Notes 11/7/2018
Bylaw Committee Notes 12/11/18
Bylaw Committee Notes 1/8/19
Bylaw Committee Notes 1/22/19
Bylaw Committee Notes 2/26/19
Bylaw Committee Notes 3/12/19
Bylaw Committee Notes 3/26/2019
Bylaw Committee Notes 4/9/2019
Bylaw Committee Notes 4/23/2019
Bylaw Committee Notes 5/14/2019
Bylaw Committee Notes 5/28/2019
Bylaw Committee Notes 6/11/2019
Bylaw Committee Notes 6/25/2019
Bylaw Committee Notes 7/9/2019
Bylaw Committee Notes 7/23/2019
Bylaw Committee Notes 9/10/2019
Bylaw Committee Notes 9/24/2019
Bylaw Committee Notes 10/15/2019

Additional Resources

Governance Policies

The Co-op Council governs by a system of policy setting and monitoring called Policy Governance. The Ends Policies state the Co-op’s purpose and define what we must achieve in order to be successful; the top-level Ends Policy also serves as our Mission Statement. The Council monitors the Co-op’s performance against its policies through a series of reports prepared by the General Manager according to an annual calendar.

Complete Hunger Mountain Co-op Governing Policies

Current Hunger Mountain Co-op Ends Report


Hunger Mountain Co-op's bylaws are our rules for how we are organized as a cooperative.  The bylaws must conform to the State of Vermont’s Statutes governing cooperatives. They include our agreements on meetings, voting, elections and more. Changes to the bylaws can only be made by a majority of member-owners attending a duly-warned meeting.

Other Resources

•  Our Articles of Incorporation serve as our charter establishing the Co-op as a corporation with the state of Vermont.

•  Established by the International Cooperative Alliance, the Cooperative Principles provide guidance for all cooperatives to put their values into practice.