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2020 Hunger Mountain Co-op Council

The Co-op Council
Your voice in action

The Hunger Mountain Co-op Council consists of up to nine member-owners elected to govern our cooperative. The council is responsible for communicating with member-owners, hiring and overseeing the general manager and establishing policies among other governance functions. Member-owners are encouraged to communicate your ideas, suggestions, and feedback to council members.

RJ Adler photo

RJ Adler

Council Member (2021)

"In 2020 I moved to Montpelier from Middlebury, where among other things, I sat on the Middlebury Co-op Board for six years, served as vice president for two years, and led strategic sub-committees on defining the mission, most notably. I would bring my entrepreneurial spirit, and understanding of policy governance to the Co-op board."
(802) 458-7194


Olivia Dunton

Council Member (2020-2022)

"Hunger Mountain Co-op is an incredible piece of central Vermont, which I want to see thrive, as a way to provide delicious, healthy food to our community, a space for people to come together, and a great working environment. I believe I can help be a part of this success as a member of the council."
(207) 735-5686

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Steven Farnham

Council Secretary (2015-17, 2018-20, 2021-23)

"I'll endeavor to expand and broaden channels of communication between Coop Member-Owners and management, because I believe effective communication is key to Member-Owner satisfaction, which, in turn is key to harmonious relations amongst all involved."
(802) 917-2581


Dr. Eric Jacobson

Council President (2018, 2019-21)

"Hunger Mountain Co-op is one of the great people-first institutions in Vermont. I left 20 years ago and returned to find the Co-op stronger and healthier than ever. I rely on the Co-op to provide access to high quality and organic food, to promote regional and local foods, and to seek out regional food sources where possible. I rely on the Co-op to support local agriculture, to take a little bite out of the food industry by keeping Vermont producers and consumers in direct contact with each other. I’ve relied on the Co-op for more than 30 years and feel it is my time to give back to the community."
(802) 433-4433

Catherine Lowther photo

Catherine Lowther

Council Member (2021-2023)

"I have been growing food organically all my life, a Co-op member since 1989, teaching at Goddard for the past 23 years, teaching courses on climate change, in private practice doing psychotherapy, health counseling and conflict resolution, on the board of the Sustainable Montpelier Coalition, and a mentor in Al Gore’s Climate Reality Training. I am very grateful to be part of the co-op community, and I would like to help the Co-op continue to localize its food sources, support our farmers, and reduce carbon emissions."
(802) 272-0349

Jen Porrier photo

Jennifer Porrier

Council Member (2021)

"As a life-long Vermonter I am deeply committed to the Co-op’s mission of local ownership and providing a retail outlet for our local famers and providers. Even before my husband and I moved to Montpelier, we became members of the Co-op as a way to explore all the amazing local food and products central Vermont had to offer. Joining this council would be an opportunity for me to turn my passion for Vermont and our community into concrete action in the form of bringing together the needs of each to satisfy the whole."
(802) 488-0279

Deb Robinson photo

Deb Robinson

Council Treasurer (2021-2023)

"I have a long-standing commitment to the co-op model. My father was the manager of a food coop in Kansas when I was born. I learned from him the importance of how this model puts the needs of the members and community first. I am impressed with the commitment to meet the needs of staff, while honoring the membership, the community, and the financial stability of the Co-op."
(802) 223-1985


Eva Schectman

Council Vice President (2019-2021)

"I graduated from Goddard College in 1987 and have lived in Montpelier ever since - thirty-one years. I've been a member of the Co-op for thirty years. I want to represent values that I think many Co-op members share; putting people ahead of profits; looking out for the most vulnerable members of the community and making a difference by actively engaging in the democratic process."


Andrew Sullivan

Council Member (2020, 2021-22)

"As an active member of my union, UE Local 255, and as a resident of Washington County, I will make the Hunger Mountain Coop a center for local dialogue, events, and culture. I hope both the employees and the members will find inspiration in natural food, collective action, and community."
(802) 377-0240


Kari Bradley

General Manager

A Central Vermont native, Kari has worked in the natural foods retail industry for twenty years, the last fifteen as General Manager of Hunger Mountain Cooperative.
(802) 262-3219

Placeholder person

Rachel Andreyev

Staff Representative

Rachel has been at the Co-op since 2017 and has been a member since 2004. She works in food services and the grocery department.
(802) 565-0065