From the Council

Rear L to R: Dr. Eric Jacobson, Scott Hess, Steven Farnham, Kari Bradley, Mark Simakaski
Front L to R: Jess Knapp, Ashley Hill, Eva Schectman, Pat Siergiey, Katie Michels, Shannon Lessley

Your Hunger Mountain Co-op Council enters the new year with new insights and perspectives, as well as a list of goals to address current – and future – challenges.

The Council always welcomes input from our members either in person at the beginning or end of our monthly meetings (which are usually the first Monday of each month).  Contact information for Council members is posted on the bulletin board as you leave the Co-op,and can also be found online here.

New Council Members

The Co-op Council is excited to have the energy of four new members join our group. Eva Schectman was elected in November and Jess Knapp joined us at the same time as the Staff Representative.  Shannon Lessley and Katie Michels were appointed to the Council at the December meeting, and they attended their first meeting in January.

Goals for 2019

The Hunger Mountain Co-op Council has a work plan for the coming year. Various committees, consisting of Council members, additional Co-op members, and Co-op management have been set up to further our goals.

Among the items to address this year is to develop and implement a plan, involving member input, to revise the Co-op bylaws to be clear, concise, comprehensive and consistent with applicable law.  The Bylaw Committee is expected to have concrete recommendations for membership approval within the calendar year. The committee meeting minutes and other resources are posted here.

Another critical committee has been established to educate the Council and employees on matters related to diversity and intersectionality. We are in the process of engaging a professional to conduct training in the near future.

The Council is also learning more about what the Montpelier and Washington County landscape currently looks like, as well as what the potential opportunities might be for the Co-op in the future.  Laura Gebhart, Executive Director of the Montpelier Development Corporation, gave an informative presentation at the January Council meeting.

Thanks for supporting our co-op,

Scott Hess

Hunger Mountain Co-op President
(802) 223-9924

The Hunger Mountain Co-op Council consists of up to nine member-owners elected to govern our cooperative. The council is responsible for communicating with member-owners, hiring and overseeing the general manager, and establishing policies among other governance functions. Member-owners are encouraged to communicate your ideas, suggestions, and feedback to council members.