Member-Owner of the Month – Katie Michels

Our member-owners are part of a collaborative effort that creates numerous positive impacts for our community, both near and far. Our co-op would not be successful without the support and involvement of our members, including those who shop here, round up at the register, bring reusable bags, serve on committees, and volunteer at events.

Recognizing a member-owner of the month is just one of the ways we say thank you to those members who have been such an important part of everything we do. This month, we recognize Katie Michels, who has been an active volunteer at recent events, including Truckload Sale and Food & Wellness Fair, and was recently appointed to the Co-op’s council.

Katie has lived in Montpelier since the summer of 2017. She works for the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board’s Vermont Farm and Forest Viability Program, a program that provides business planning and technical assistance to Vermont’s farm, food, and forestry businesses. She is also a member of the Montpelier Conservation Commission.

1)    How long have you been a member-owner?

I have been a member of Hunger Mountain Co-op for about two years. I joined shortly before moving to Montpelier. However, I had lived in Vermont prior to moving to Montpelier, and always made sure to stop at the Co-op when I was passing through the area. 

2)    What is something you love about your Co-op? 

I love being a Hunger Mountain Co-op member for so many reasons! My primary reason for membership is because the Co-op is a one-stop-shop for the good, clean, and fair food and other products that I like to spend my dollars on. I also appreciate the positive local impacts the Co-op has on our community. I love knowing that my dollars are staying local because the Co-op makes sure that money is kept circulating in our local economy by paying good wages to workers and prioritizing purchases from local producers. I also appreciate the Co-op’s triple bottom line approach to profit, ensuring that the Co-op is profitable not only financially, but also socially and ecologically. 

3)    What are your favorite products? 

Oh goodness, an easier question would be which products I don’t like. My regular purchases include local veggies, cheese, tea, chocolate, bread. My favorite treat is a fresh bag of beans from Brio Coffee.