June Member-Owner Specials

One of the benefits of being a member-owner at the Co-op is the opportunity to take advantage of our monthly Member-Owner Specials. More than just remarkable deals, they are also a chance to support many of our local vendors and producers.

During June, we will be featuring a wide variety of products on sale in departments including frozen, bakery, bulk, wellness, meat, and cheese. There will also be two Member-Owner Coupons, $5 off a $25 purchase in our produce department (June 5 – 18) and $5 off a $50 store purchase (June 19 – July 2). You can view those coupons and all the Member-Owner Specials here.

Every month, the Member-Owner Specials include a variety of producers here in our community, giving members the opportunity to support our local food system. Strafford Creamery is “a one-farm, one-family dairy,” who have been certified organic since 1997 and bottling their own milk, in reusable glass bottles, since 2001.  With their 50 Guernseys and a commitment to sustainable agriculture, they sell a full line of milk products as well as ice cream, made in small batches one day per week with high-quality organic ingredients. The ice cream, milk, in half-gallon and quart sizes, and chocolate milk, in quart and pint sizes, will all be on sale in June.

If you’re in the freezer section looking for ice cream, but want something that doesn’t include cow’s milk, try Sweet Doe’s goat’s milk gelato, which will be on sale for $7.99. Based in Chelsea, VT, the dairy was started by two transplants from NYC who had a dream of “getting back to the land, giving back to the community, and producing amazing farmstead gelato with milk from a special breed of dairy goat that makes it all possible.”

Apis, our featured local vendor for the month of June, will have their lightly effervescent, honey-sweetened kombucha, in 750ml growlers, on sale for $7.19, in the beverage cooler. Over in the other cooler, by bulk, you’ll find Vegetaball’s traditional basil pesto, made nearby in New Hampshire, on sale for $9.49.

While the products from Magic Spoon bakery are made with traditional recipes from owner Carmela Ram’s home country of Israel, they are made right down the road in Hardwick, VT. With a commitment to not just delicious homemade baked goods, but also giving back and supporting the community, Magic Spoon offers a number of delightful treats, including rugelach, granola bars, and assorted cookies, which will all be on sale this month.

One of the best activities to start in June is grilling, now that the sun is out and the weather is warm. A number of grilling products and condiments will be on sale this month, including Sheffield Seitan burgers, in a two-pack for $6.29, Raiche’s Vermont-made salsa for $4.99, Benito’s hot sauce for $4.49, and spicy maple syrup for $5.99, VT Maple Sriracha hot sauce for $7.99, and River Garden salad dressing for $3.99. Some great cheeses will be on sale to accompany your grilled or picnic meals, including Grafton Village smoked chili cheddar for $4.99, Vermont Creamery olive & herb spreadable goat cheese for $3.29, and Maplebrook Farm feta for $3.99.

June also brings lots of other activities like graduations, weddings, and a variety of parties or celebrations. Some of our local candy and chocolate makers will have items on sale perfect for gifting or bringing to whatever party you’re attending. Lake Champlain Chocolate organic chocolate bars will be just $2.99, and Red Kite caramels will be $5.99 for 4 oz.or $0.50 for a single caramel. If the party is outdoors, remember that it’s also tick season, and be sure to use tick repellent, such as Green Mtn Tick Repellent, which will be on sale, $8.99 for 4 oz. or $11.99 for 8 oz. Check out other tips and information about avoiding ticks, and some of our other anti-tick products here.

Having that tick repellent handy is essential whenever you’re outdoors, enjoying nature, whether it’s hiking, walking, paddling, or any other type of excursion. Keeping yourself fueled is also important and our bulk section will have a number of items on sale to give you the energy you need. Tierra Farm will have organic raw Spanish almonds, organic roasted salted almonds, organic raw cashew pieces, and organic Tierra trail mix all on sale.

Additionally, in bulk, True North Granola nutty no grainer w/cranberries will be on sale for $11.49 per pound, Nutiva organic shelled hemp seeds will be $13.49 per pound, and Stony Brook organic raw pumpkin seeds, grown in New York, will be just $6.99 per pound. Back over in bakery is another excellent hiking snack, locally-made Squirrel graupel granola, on sale for $3.89. You can find more fantastic recommendations for other perfect getting outdoors snacks, recommended by our staff, here.