From the General Manager, Sept. 13, 2022

Fifty years ago, Hunger Mountain Co-op was officially incorporated as a cooperative in the State of Vermont. Our history stretches back well before that, including 1960s grassroots efforts based in Plainfield with local folks gaining access to healthy food and other goods not locally available, to the Great Depression when the first generation of food co-ops were established in the United States, and back even to the Industrial Revolution when the Rochdale Pioneers developed many of the principles that still guide co-ops around the world. (You can read a detailed retelling of our history from our 25th-anniversary newsletter.) And of course, our story will continue to unfold as together we help to create the world we want based on our shared values of good food, health, community, and sustainability.

I hope you can join us this week as we celebrate our past and future as a cooperative community.

Kari Bradley general manager

Kari Bradley (he/him)
General Manager
(802) 262-3219

A Trip Down Memory Lane

We’ve recently archived our history online through publications and photos. Flip through over 100 archived newsletters, or view the top 70 contenders when it came to naming our co-op in February of 1978 along with other Co-op tidbits throughout our history. Take a browse through our photo archive, and you may just see a familiar face!